Digital locks

VEINTREE® creates application-specific digital locks around your hands at enrollment, and your hands are the unique keys and conditional links to access digital (and physical) rights and services at usage.

The Veintree® Authentication Technology eliminates time-consuming layers of recognition and identification, is 100% secure (FAR=0), non-invasive, GDPR and DNSH compliant, Quantum computing resistant (NIST certified) and scalable. (SaaS based and On Premise self hosting)


Your personal data in the digital world

As you know, your personal data are worth gold to those who collect them and gather them in databases. It is thus possible, on the basis of your name, your location, your date of birth, to gather all the information and all the traces that you have left without realizing it on the network during your research on the Internet.

Ask the sites to tell you about yourself. You would be surprised by what is known about you. 


Veintree: a new form of Biometrics

We are developing a new form of biometrics called non-traceable biometrics because the physical characteristics are not known and cannot be captured by any other means than with our scanners.

What you are, as you are, but without letting anyone know.


The disruptions of the digital world have very concrete effects on the development of human communities

There are important links between the disruptions of the digital world and the impediments to sustainable development, which should enable every human being to have an equal right to health, citizenship, greater equality of opportunity, and peace within stable institutions. 

Digital rights and the right to access digital services are fundamental human rights.