The concept

Five protection factors as essential as the fingers on your hands 

The authentication system developed by Veintree is based on technical, ethical, and even hygienic values. Together, these different elements enable you to gain secure access to corporate, medical, governmental, commercial, and other digital systems. In fact, to any system requiring authentication (and not necessarily your identification) so that you can carry out your professional and/or personal activities in a digital world.

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What non-traceability means for the numerical and real life :

Fingerprints, iris biometrics, facial or voice recognition data are traceable because they can be recorded without the knowledge of the owner, and might be used for fake digital data creation as well as abused for electronic tracing and profiling based on public biometrics footage. 

In countries like UK, the possible use of fake digital data leads to an Orwellian nightmare where big brother is already reality. 

The vein structure inside the hand is not visible from outside without special hardware which does not work in distance. 

Veintree uses a biometric characteristic that cannot be associated to any trace in the real world, (even if any sensor data could theorically be intercepted, and tentatively reused for spoofing attacks). 

The need to present the referring body part to the specific dedicated device connects the numerical life with some act of will in the real life, which prevents involuntary use and spoofing.

There is no magic, it's time to get the protection you deserve.

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Multi factor authentication

The Veintree system verifies five distinct yet related factors within your hand, including the shape of your vein network, the positioning of individual veins and the rhythm of blood flow. The verification of these five factors, which is the result of a patented process, makes your authentication highly reliable.

Resistant to quantum computing

The Veintree authentication system is able to resist any attack using quantum computing. This claim has been verified by NIST.

Always on hand

Your hands are the starting point for the access code (a unique token), its encryption and your authentication, your access key is truly "in" your hand. 

No keys to carry, no smart cards to insert or type, no passwords or Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) to enter.

No linked database

Veintree relies on a "Zero-Trust" (or systematic verification) model, whereas the very design of the Veintree authentication system already uses single-use encrypted codes based on the configuration of the vein network in your hand.

Ethical biometrics

Veintree's basic principle is not to identify you, but rather to authenticate you.

Moreover, the very fact of immediately deleting your biometric data in the scanner adds an extra layer of security

A conditional link

to allow references and visualisation among AI studies

A solution for Clinical Research Organizations

 Anonymization / Pseudonymization

A full anonymization

when required for AI studies

A pseudonymisation

when owner wants to keep their own data.


Natural Sign On

to replace Single-Sign-On

Specific Cyberkeys

for each application

A digital Wallet

without identity reference

A decentralized architecture