Potential for social, commercial, global and humanitarian impact 

Veintree technology promises a transformed future, where security, privacy and efficiency go hand in hand.

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The Veintree authentication system has a number of potentially game-changing features, depending on its use and the contexts in which it is applied. 

Virtual authentication technology brings about numerous positive impacts, including increased security, comfort, and ease of use. It is also eliminating the need for materials such as plastic and electronic chips, promoting sustainability. This virtualization is universal and accessible, promoting inclusivity and reducing inequality. 

The associated risks are considerably reduced, making it a safer and more secure option than traditional identification methods like SSO. Overall, this technology has a deep and potentially transformational impact on society, and it is essential to embrace these positive changes to create a better future.  

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Protect your privacy while enabling secure transactions.

In terms of privacy protection, the Veintree system serves first and foremost to authenticate you. No need to divulge your personal data to pay. The system prevents fraud and preserves your anonymity.

Different levels of identity protection

A government department will want to associate your palm with your identity, to find out which citizen has accessed government services or border crossings. 

The encoding would then be specific to governmental aspects and without reference to other encodings for other sectors.

Physical access

For physical access to premises, for example, secure doors would be unlocked for you. Your hand could grant you access to events via an individual, personalized ticketing system, with no waiting or checking at the entrance.

Consumers don't have to give out personal information

From a commercial point of view, consumers could pay for their purchases with their palm, authorizing payment for a good at the traditional checkout or self-service checkout, without having to decline any personal information. The Veintree system would simply authenticate the payment authorization you grant (while ensuring that you also confirm this authorization on your mobile).

You become an authenticated person 
who remains anonymous

Or you could authorize your identification for a specific moment or transaction, and then revoke this authorization. 

Remember that the basic principle of the Veintree system is to authenticate, not to identify. 

The confidentiality of personal information and the protection of privacy are among our core values.