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Veintree, a company specialising in ethical biometrics, has developed an innovative approach to authentication based on hand veins. The aim? To provide a simple, secure and practical authentication solution, while preserving confidentiality and respect for private data.

Biometrics 3.0 for data protection 

Under the direction of Dr Christophe Bron, Veintree is offering a unique biometric authentication method that uses hand veins, without storing users' personal data. The technology uses the natural signature of each individual's veins to create distinct digital locks, ensuring secure authentication.

"Your hands are unique! The veins that are not visible under your skin represent a unique natural signature that can be used to authenticate you", says Christophe Bron, Chairman of Veintree. 

Thanks to infrared and the creation of mathematical functions, the solution developed by Veintree is capable of generating different digital locks for each application, which can be opened in complete security by the owner's hands alone, without even knowing his or her name. This non-nominative authentication system protects users' personal data and privacy, and also enables the use of the blockchain when necessary.

A universal authentication system

The scanner 3.0 developed by Veintree can now be used in a variety of sectors, including business, the medical sector and even the government, to protect and process sensitive data. 

In the media world, this technology is helping to actively combat fake news: "whatever the medium, it is now possible to authenticate the person behind a piece of signed information. This makes it possible to guarantee the origin and integrity of the information via a blockchain, without having to know the person's name," adds Christophe Bron. 

This third-generation biometric technology, which has no database and no traceability, will be able to make many advances in everyday life, guaranteeing real transparency and protection for users. "Web3 based on blockchain should enable citizens to truly own their data, in complete confidence", concludes the Chairman of Veintree.