Veintree creates biometrics, not biometric data

A unique and specific authentication code

The result of the scan of your palm is a unique and specific authentication code, unique to you, whose starting point is your hand. 
In other words, your hand is the key to the whole process. You don't need to present anything else to be authenticated. 

Authentication is based on a physical form (the inside of your hand) and requires no personal identification per se (if this is not necessary)

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No reference databases are used, 
no image comparison are made, 
no biometrics are archived.

The Veintree authentication system quickly observes your palm, captures and analyzes the image and biometric flows of your vein network, and uses the data from this temporary reading to activate calculation algorithms developed by Veintree.

Once the biometric reading has served its purpose, it is immediately deleted to protect your identity. Veintree's secure servers do not store any biometric data.  

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Authentication is dissociated from identification

Normally, as a basic principle, authentication is dissociated from identification. However, for use cases or environments where personal identification is required for authentication, this is an aspect and information managed internally by the company or organization (governmental or otherwise) using the Veintree authentication system, and not by Veintree itself.

Veintree's role is solely to authenticate that you are an authorized person entitled to the services corresponding to your request, access and transactions, not to identify you. Our role is authentication, not identification.

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Encryption without transmission of biometric data

Unique dynamic coding and encryption are calculated locally on the device used. This encrypted result is communicated to Veintree servers installed at customer sites, which analyze the unique code received and accept or reject the authentication. In all cases, the infrared image of your hand and the biometric data captured are destroyed immediately after the encrypted code is generated, ensuring the person's anonymity. 

Even the code itself is eliminated, since it is designed for one-time use only

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Sunlight as multi-spectral infrared illumination

In practice, a smartphone camera, sensitive to certain infrared wavelengths, scans your palm and captures the pattern of your vein network and its blood flow. This sensing device may be a tablet-style device, a small device attached to your cell phone, or possibly one built directly into most phones. When it's sunny, natural light is sufficient, and there's no need to illuminate the palm.

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Veintree is the trusted third party and Web3 Oracle
that enables your digital transactions, 
without revealing your personal data.