Veintree for public entities. 

 What Veintree means for governments

Veintree ensures secure transactions without disclosing personal data 

This authentication method, which resists cyber-attacks on identity servers and Single-Sign-On methods, has been certified by NIST as resistant to quantum attacks, and is tamper-proof thanks to the uniqueness of each individual's vein networks.

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Opensource and free !

Government agencies using Veintree technology will probably want to identify you.

Governments have the rights by law to do this, no question about it.

But government codes and tokens will not be similar to, shared with, or used by commercial agencies.

And the encoding for governmental identification algorithms will be opensource to allow everyone to have access to their own governmental ID with your own hands.

You become an authenticated person who remains anonymous

You can simply be an authenticated person and retain your anonymity. 

Or you could authorize your identification as a citizen for a specific moment or a transaction, and then revoke this authorization.
Remember that the basic principle of the Veintree system is to authenticate, not to identify. The confidentiality of personal information and the protection of privacy are among our core values.