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Veintree non traceable protection

Veintree technology offers unique and unrivalled protection compared to current biometric methods. What makes it different, and why patents have been granted worldwide?

All biometric technologies developed to date are what we call "traceable". They rely on visible, recordable details such as face, iris, fingerprint or even voice. But there's the rub: any traceable data can be copied, and that's a worrying risk.

That's where Veintree comes in. It's the first non-traceable method, because it's not based on anything visible or on a copyable fingerprint. We don't compare your biometric data in a database. Instead, we generate two specific digital locks from your hands: one for your right hand and one for your left. These locks can only be activated by one or other of your hands, or by both in succession if necessary.

The special feature of Veintree technology lies in the constant fluctuation of blood flow in your hands and their quantum-computer-proof coding. 

If the result of the code(s) is compatible with the previously created lock, access is granted. 

And here's a huge advantage: you alone have the power to terminate your access and services at any time, because it's all in your hands....

This is what we call #EthicalBiometrics: your access is in your hands, and your anonymized personal data is protected. 

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