LinkedIn October 28. 2023

SIngle Sign On vs. Natural Sign On

Single-Sign-On (SSO) allows you to access the multiple IT resources of a computer network with a single identification, which often mixes business and private data. Your personal information remains stored, traceable and potentially hackable in external identification databases. The Natural-Sign-On system from #Veintree uses the vein networks in your hands - which are permanent and preserved, non-reproducible without your participation, and unassailable even by post-quantum technology - to bypass the risks of SSO by anonymizing, encrypting and decentralizing your authentication processes. Veintree's principle is to authenticate the individual on a natural and unique basis, rather than identifying him or her on a cultural basis transmitted at birth, thus eliminating the risks of identity theft, usurpation and malicious intrusion. #IndividualNotIdentity

LinkedIn September 25. 2023
Veintree non traceable protection