LinkedIn September 4, 2023

Unic and irreplaceable

Every individual is unique and irreplaceable. But in the digital world, it's easy to pretend to be someone else, to create an identity for yourself, or to usurp someone else's identity. This is the basis of cyberattacks.

It is often essential to authenticate human beings simply and reliably, so that they can prove who they really are. Veintree's technology makes it possible to authenticate an individual by digitizing the vein networks of a part of the body, such as the hands.

Authenticating does not mean identifying, because your name, age, gender, ethnic origin or ID number are not written on your hands. It is on non-nominative authentication that the protection of private data is based.

Vein networks have several special features. They are unique, unalterable and difficult to copy (unlike fingerprints, which can be reproduced, damaged, erased, etc.). Above all, the venous flow that passes through them can change at any moment, but the evolution of the network over time is slow and gradual, making it possible to recognize a person with certainty from birth and well beyond death.

But if we are able to understand and compare the mathematical evolution of these networks, we don't need to keep biometric databases, which could be usurped.

Thanks to this technological breakthrough, Veintree creates digital locks from your hands, which only.