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On this #NaturalDisasterPreventionDay, let's reflect on the inception of the Veintree concept, a groundbreaking advancement in next-generation biometric authentication designed to safeguard personal data. The genesis of Veintree can be traced back to the tragic earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. Dr. Christophe Bron, Eduard Tschan, and Patrizia Coppola, who are now partners in the Veintree project, were actively involved in relief efforts as part of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies' "Earthquake" operation.

Dr. Christophe Bron, faced with the heartbreaking consequences of families being separated and identities lost in the chaos of the disaster, made a commitment to years of research and dedication to develop a solution tailored to the unique challenges presented by conflict situations and humanitarian crises. This event underscored the critical role of New Communication and Digitization Technologies in facilitating swift and precise authentication of victims and survivors. This, in turn, will enable the timely dissemination of information to relief authorities, logistics teams, rescuers, and those in need, with the primary goal of reuniting and aiding affected families.

LinkedIn September 4, 2023
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