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Data security

🔐🖐️ In an ever-changing digital world, the security of personal data is more crucial than ever. Veintree is revolutionizing digital authentication by bringing hand authentication to the forefront, and is committed to protecting identities in innovative and ethical ways by bringing together 7 core values to ensure user security:
1️⃣ Hands as entry key: With Veintree, hands become the key that opens the door to your favorite applications and services. No more smart cards, PIN codes or passwords to remember.
2️⃣ Non-nominative credentials: Hands become credentials, but no personal information is stored, guaranteeing the protection of private data.
3️⃣ 5-factor authentication: Who you are, what you do, the uniqueness of your left and right hands, a constantly evolving code thanks to the circulation of your blood, and a specific encoding for each application.
4️⃣ Resistance to quantum computers: Veintree encoding and encryption are NIST-certified, guaranteeing foolproof security against quantum computer threats.
5️⃣ Identity theft protection: Lock code databases are non-biometric and cannot be merged, protecting against identity theft and phishing.
6️⃣ Zero trust mode: Veintree's architecture is designed to operate in Zero Trust mode, which means your hand can be required at any time to perform a verification. In less than a second, you're re-authenticated.
7️⃣ Total control: Services can be terminated individually at any time by the beneficiary.
This is what we call Ethical Biometrics: Veintree is untraceable biometrics, with no biometric database, respecting everyone's privacy, while offering unrivalled protection of personal data.
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